Diary page
Constructing an Action Research Diary
Theme of project
Details of those involved
Date of this diary
What do we already know? This can include a literature or internet search, or generalisations from the project so far
What change do I wish to make and how will I make it?
This should be as specific as possible e.g. not ‘introduce history of science into my teaching’ but ‘use biographies of scientists to set the context of their work’. A time plan is important.
What evidence will I collect?
Some of the evidence will be ‘normal’ evidence such as student notes, group mind maps, student plans for activity. Some of the evidence will be recorded evidence of normally intangible activity e.g. field notes. Some may be video or audio recording, or special interviews (very time-consuming!)
My evaluations, and what sense I make of it. How does this change what I intend to do next?
These should be as specific as possible. Do not over-generalise.