Getting started
The model of Action Research proposed in this project is:

  1. Choose an area of your normal teaching to explore. This can be something that you consider to be good, but you wish to develop, or something which troubles you that you wish to fix.
  2. Find out what others have already done in this, or similar, areas. Much can be discovered through using an internet search engine, such as Google.
  3. Keep a diary of your teaching, of your discoveries, and activities for change. This might seem rather tedious but it is essential if you wish to check whether you have really changed. Make your diary entries manageable, but regular so that you get into a routine.
  4. Each diary entry should contain a record of what you have done, information of its effect on your teaching, and plans for the next steps.
  5. Working with a buddy, or a small group of buddies, can be very encouraging. It can provide an external view, and an external stimulus to action.
  6. At the end of your planned intervention, construct a report to share with others. Your work become research when you subject it to external scrutiny and review.
  7. Some examples of external review are:
  • Formal department presentation and discussion
  • Formal presentation to a whole school group or meeting and discussion
  • Formal presentation to a regional, national or international meeting and discussion
  • Publishing a report outside the school, with details of how to feedback
  • Write an article for a region or national professional journal or newsletter, with details of how to feedback
  • Write an article for a national or international research journal. You will get feedback from the reviewers.
The diary page on this web site has a proforma for constructing a diary